Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bikers Run Your World - So Appreciate Us

By Scott Lawrence Clark

SUMMARY: They may not like that we are dangerous and love a good thrill, but we run your world. Literally. They will find a biker in the courthouse, police station, fire station, retail shop and local gas station, and more so respect us.

I know that when a biker blows by them on the highway a piece of them is pissed. A part of them wants to step on the gas and catch up with him or her and flick 'em off. That would be so relieving for them, I know. But if they stopped just for a moment and thought about who they are chasing down they would be surprised at who they would find under that helmet. Is he or she going to take on their next court case? Does that biker perform surgery on their child when they are in need? We put out their fires, we arrest criminals, we sell them their favorite shoes, we build their cars, we file their mortgage, and yes, we even write their legislature. Bikers are everywhere and we are growing in numbers and demanding respect.

There has always been this hostility between bikers and the drivers who share our road. Why? Is it jealousy? Do they wish they could take on the dangerous and unexpected? Is it fear of the unknown? They see all black leather in the hottest weather and hear a loud screaming exhaust pipe and immediately lock their daughters in doors. Why is this?

Well, I think we can all agree that the hostility against bikers is very fear based. But despite the fact that they fear us they need to recognize that they need us. It's actually quite humorous when I discuss this topic with non-riders and they try to explain to me that, "bikers' are disrespectful, selfish and rude individuals that act as if they own the road." That is a direct quote, but I'd love to hear her say that when her house is burning to the ground. Is she going to hand pick her firemen and make sure they are not 'selfish' bikers?

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