Friday, November 2, 2007

Materials used in Mountains Choppers Bike

By Chris Martin

When it comes to choppers bike, one need to know about the materials that are used in it. Choppers bikes are in trend, mainly because it is been used for mountain riding. There are varieties of materials that could be used for a chopper bike, but if you require a durable one, just check out the following materials.

High quality steel bike is well in fashion today. As it becomes harder when welded the alloys like 853 is leading the renaissance. Its flexibility and reparability are further finding more new friends in the hardcore jump / DH arenas. Upcoming growth centers on further modification of alloys and tube sets. It is best to buy steel if you like that classic “spring heeled hard tail’. You then need to usually slam your aerial adventures.

The pleasure of aluminum is its low weight and that it's so trouble-free to play with. Stretch it, press it, emit it, forge it, or simply sculpt it - it's the Plasticine of metals. Just do not leave it too thin or it'll break without warning. You can purchase aluminum for: Sharp and crunchy feel. Buy for its high value and low weight. It is high price and especially low weight. Awkward shaped suspension bikes, fat tubes, huge box monocoques and other novelty machined sections.

Titanium is the hardest metal to work with, it rewards with flexible long term strength, light weight and decay resistance but at five times the price of an aluminum frame. Serotta, Merlin, and other Seven are gradually pushing out the boundaries. Purchase titanium only for: Reliable “sprung” feel. It is of low weight and comes with high strength. You need not worry about the paint or rust, this chopper bike would be life time.

Carbon fiber is the lightest, most durable and most shock porous frame material. Early breaks blemished its reputation, but three major brands are reinstating faith at the moment. Easton with its handlebars and other seat posts, Trek with their OCLV HC sandwich, and as well with Scott's long, thick fiber HMF skill on their Strike bikes. Buy carbon only if: You desire ultra low weight. You don't mind the damped, somewhat dull feel.

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