Saturday, December 1, 2007

Change Motorcycle Engine Oil

Before you start changing your motorcycle engine oil, you must place the tools you need within reach. Include tools such as wrench, screwdrivers or pliers just in case the filler caps have been tightly screwed. You should also prepare rags and containers for the used oil. Your motorcycle must be placed in an area that you can afford to get dirty, messy and greasy after the changing process. It is advisable to raise your motorcycle using the kick-stand rather than the side or rear stands. Place the container under the motorcycle where you think the oil is going to flow.

The next thing that you should do is to warm up your engine. This is to soften any hard particles in your engine oil. Then turn the engine off to cool for a bit. Proceed removing the filler cap when the engine is slightly warm. This enables the oil to drain quickly. Use necessary tools if it is tightly screwed.
Locate the drain plug and doff it so that the oil would drain. During the last few turns at the drain plug, be cautious since the hot oil may start to spill out anytime soon. Make sure that the empty can is ready for the draining oil.
Remove the filthy drain plug crush washer and install a new one. Drain plug crush washers are either made from copper or aluminum. It is a small disc to be placed under the drain plug that helps in sealing the motorcycle engine oil. Drain plug crush washers are also made to bend under pressure. More or less, drain plug crush washers value at a dollar each - which means they're really very affordable, hence, there's simply no excuse for you not to get several pieces! Every month, or every time you change your motorcycle engine oil, make sure that you install a new drain plug crush washer afterwards.

Using a clean rag, wipe the tip of the oil drain plug. This is to remove small metallic particles in the magnetic part of the drain plug. Little pieces of silvers of metals are shed by the motorcycle engine. These tiny pieces are usually jammed at the edge or at the tip of the drain plug.

Look for the oil filter in your motorcycle. The location of the oil filter varies or depends on what motorcycle model you have. It is best to consult your manual so that you won't have a hard time finding it. Remove it tightly screwed filter using a filter removal tool. See to it that a rubber ring comes along with the filter as you take it off.

Clean the area of the motorcycle where the oil filter is located. Dip your finger into the fresh oil and use it to wipe the dirt on the location of the oil filter. Then carefully screw back a new oil filter.
Put the drain plug back and fill it up with new motorcycle engine oil. Make sure that it is already grime-free and fastened securely to prevent the oil from spilling. Put only an ample amount of motorcycle engine oil that is specified in your motorcycle manual.

By Mel Raskinski


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