Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Motorcycle Helmets - What You Should Know

When the weather's fine, it's hard to resist taking your motorcycle out for a ride. You want to be comfortable and look great while you're riding, but you don't want to overlook your safety, either. Instead, give your safety the respect it deserves by wearing a leather jacket, boots and a good motorcycle helmet. Safety is the first consideration when you're shopping for a helmet and other motorcycle accessories. Comfort is next in line, with style and appearance coming last.

When shopping for a motorcycle helmet for casual riding, assume eventually you will have a wreck and need great protection. Do your homework by visiting different helmet manufacturer's websites and reading about the testing they put their helmets through prior to placing them on the market. Look for brands that go beyond the required testing, as that is a sign of a conscientious brand that cares about your safety.

Try on several styles of helmets in different sizes - the right size and style will fit snugly but comfortably, even for your chin and face. Trying on different models will help you decide which one is right for you. Your helmet should never wobble or shift around when your move or turn your head. Instead, it should almost seem like part of your body.

Once you've determined the best size and shape, it's time to start looking at different designs and colors. The helmet that's best for you might not give you exactly the look you want, but it will protect your head if you do happen to get in a wreck.

Motorcycle racing helmets must do a whole lot more than just help you look sharp while you're on your bike. Many motorcycle racers wind up buying helmets that are meant for car racing, but if you're a racer you should only consider helmets that have been specially designed for motorcycle racing. They're not the same as helmets for car racing, even though they might resemble them superficially. Motorcycle racers need to turn their heads in certain ways that racing car drivers simply don't.

When trying on racing helmets, make sure that it feels light on your head so you won't have trouble turning as needed. Also make sure that the outer shell is very hard, while the inside materials are softer. The hard and soft ratio is important, as it ensures the helmet can withstand the force of impact in an accident, rather than placing all of the force on your head.

When you're choosing a motorcycle helmet, put safety first whether you're racing or riding for pleasure. Look for a helmet that provides good protection but looks good too.

Author: Gary Half

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