Thursday, August 30, 2007

Simple Tips on How to Clean Your Motorcycle

By Mike Webb

Cleaning your motorcycle can be a hassle, but with periodic care you can make it easy on yourself. Depending on where you ride and how often will determine how frequently you need to clean.
  1. Wash your motorcycle in a shaded area so as not to let the soap dry too quickly and leave a film.
  2. Make sure the engine has cooled down before washing with soap and water. When using a hose don't spray too hard around the engine so you won't short out the ignition system. If you have an air compressor use the air gun to blow out as much moister around the engine area as possible to dry it out.
  3. Regular car soap will work best along with a wash mitt that will allow you to get around the areas of the bike. When you want to get to the really small nooks and crannies use a soft bristle toothbrush.
  4. Wax all painted areas of the bike, there are many waxes available on the market to use, I just stick to the basic turtle wax, it's been around for years, but you might like to shop around.
  5. Using an SOS pad can clean up minor rust on chrome pieces. Make sure you put a coat of wax after clearing.
  6. Depending on your seat style you may want to use a leather treatment or possibly Armor All on the vinyl seat. Just remember it's going to be a little slick when you get done.
  7. If your bike has a chain make sure you lubricate it properly after washing and check for any other areas that might need to be re-lubricated.
  8. Lastly if you have a nice motorcycle cover then use it to save the hassle of cleaning so often.
Having a clean motorcycle makes it a lot more fun cruising.

Take care and drive safely.

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